The kids didn’t enjoy the taste of coconut water as much as the adults who tried it. None None Kids were happy to drink, although preferred Honest Sport. None None None None Prefer a sports drink but agree it satisfies when thirsty or hungry after a game.

The World Health Organization has some excellent resources and bare-bones recipes for rehydration fluids. Along with Gatorade, the kids’ favorite. Honest Sport, 16.9 ounces 270 mg 75 mg Organic. 9 g per bottle None None Natural flavors are not actually natural and have been chemically processed. Source of B vitamins. The answer to the question of monopotassium phosphate is simply that it’s an electrolyte as well as a sweetener. Neither of these sweeteners raises blood sugar or insulin levels, and very little is needed to manufacture a sweet taste.

A stated purpose of sports drinks, which provide many calories of energy from sugars, is to improve performance and endurance. According to the BMJ, 16 marathoners have died and more than 1,600 have become critically ill due to overhydration and hyponatremia.

Give the water in your Camelback a boost with plant-based, gluten-free, soy- and dairy-free Nuun Energy Hydrating Electrolyte Tablets. Enjoy the Powerade if you like, but don’t expect miracles.

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